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Chat with us to get anything delivered to wherever you are, easily and conveniently.


Lookup is a free and secure messaging app that connects shoppers with local businesses. Shoppers get access to anything on demand from local stores that are not available online, and businesses get the opportunity to increase their customer base and visibility. Simply put, Lookup is Google for the offline world, empowering people to get things done with a message. Order food, groceries, medicine, etc. for delivery, make reservations, book appointments, schedule a laundry pickup, and be the first to find out about offers at local businesses.

1. I know what to buy, but don’t know where to buy it from.
2. I know what to buy and I want it right now.
3. I am looking for discounts or offers.

Buddies are customer support representatives from Lookup who help you get things done. When businesses are not available to answer queries from customers, our buddies will step in and answer all requests. They help make chatting easy and seamless for users.

Users from across India can send queries to Lookup and we will try to fulfill them. However, we provide delivery services only in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi NCR.

Lookup for Android and iOS is completely free! You can download the app from http://www.lookup.to. After downloading, all you have to do is provide your name and you can start shopping.

Manage your profile by keeping your phone number, home address and work address up to date. Change your name at any time and add any additional addresses to speed up the delivery process.

No, Lookup believes in protecting the privacy of our users.

On the App:
1. Search for and select your favorite restaurants, salons and more, explore nearby for stores who have the
product you need, or chat with a Buddy to find the what you are looking for.
2. Send a request on chat and the business will confirm your order or booking.
3. If you have placed an order, the product will be delivered to your doorstep within an hour.

Customers can send a request or query to our buddies who are available to assist you 7 days a week, from 8 AM until 12 AM IST.

On Twitter:
Directly tweet your request to @lookuplite or send it as a Direct Message.

Offline on SMS:
If you don’t have Internet, don’t worry! You can SMS your queries or requests to +91 97739- 97739.


Lookup currently offers delivery to most localities in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi NCR.

There is no minimum order value. The delivery fee is Rs.40 for orders placed with verified businesses, and Rs.20 or Rs.40 (depending on the total order value) for orders placed with premium merchants. See chart below for our delivery fee structure.

After your order is dispatched, you can track the status of your order by clicking the tracking link provided in the chat window. Also, our Buddies will send you a message with the name and contact information of the delivery person.

Your order should be delivered within an hour. However, during unexpected circumstances your order may take longer. We will keep you informed in case this happens and try our best to get your order to you on time.

Lookup accepts Cash on Delivery and online payment.


In case of wrong or partial delivery, you can cancel your order within 1 hour of delivery of the item. However unless the business consents, cancellations are not permitted in the categories of food & perishables or items involving hygiene concerns.

Outside of this 1 hour timeframe, cancellation is subject to the policy of the business. All cancellations must be made through the Lookup app.

You will be refunded the same amount in the form of Lookup Cash which can be redeemed on future Lookup orders.

All refunds will be made within 24 hours of order placement.

Your feedback matters to us. Send us a message at feedback@lookup.to or call us at +91 76765 66587 with any questions, comments, or feedback.


Email: info@lookup.to
Phone: +91 76765 66587

118, 1st Floor (BodyCraft Building)
Koramangala Industrial Area,
7th Block, Adjacent to Axis Bank,
In-front of ICICI Bank
Bengaluru- 560095

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Lookup is available on the App Store and Google Play.