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How to get started

Fill out the form below to claim your business listing on Lookup Biz, and we will call to verify your information. Or you can give a missed call to 7676-LOOKUP.

Chat with customers

Fulfill customer requests through chat from your Lookup Biz account. Don't worry—if you're unavailable to handle requests, our Buddies can take care of orders from 8 AM to 12 AM IST.

Keep customers in the loop

Include important information in your Lookup Biz profile such as shop description, timings, phone number, location, and list of products or services.

Measure your growth

Manage bill cycles, invoicing, and online payments to streamline processes and measure your business growth. We will be launching a brand new suite of Biz Analytics Tools soon!

Become a Premium Merchant

For a small annual fee, become a Premium Merchant and enjoy higher listings within the Lookup search results as well as social media engagement, push notifications, and more.



Download Lookup Biz

Lookup Biz is available on Google Play.