Lookup Biz

Chat with customers. Grow your business.

Experiencing chat on Lookup Biz

Lookup Biz makes it easy to fulfill customer requests through chat. Follow these simple steps to complete orders & bookings, and watch your business grow!


Reply to chat

You will receive a notification when a customer messages you. To reply, select the message in your Inbox and chat away. If you are busy, don't worry! Our Buddies will take over the chat.


Confirm order

Confirm the order or appointment by sending a message back to the customer. Make sure to include the total cost and let them know when they will receive the product or service.


Receive payment

If the customer has ordered a product, they can either make an online payment or choose to pay Cash on Delivery. If the customer has made a booking, they will pay at the time of the service.


Facilitate delivery

If your business offers delivery, you can take care of it. Otherwise, you have the option to use our delivery service to get the product to your customer's doorstep in minutes.

Download Lookup Biz

Lookup Biz is available on Google Play.